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Evee Color :iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 0 0 Evee :iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 1 0 New Tattoo :iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 0 0
Not Sure Now
The words used to flow from my hands,
Free and running like waters of the land.
But it feels as though the beds have gone dry.
I begin to wonder if I have lost my words.
The elegance that swept me through the day.
Where have they gone?
How can I continue with out them?
The pictures have disappeared
The rhymes and rhythms drained away.
But how? How else do I do this?
How can I keep going with out them,
They were so strong to me, and now have just...
Simply snuck away in the years.
I don't want them gone, I wish they would return.
My soul feels so...
But wait,
Be still a moment, I must be crazy.
The words are there! They are!
And the pictures haven't gone,
They still blaze through my mind day to day.
I simply stopped hearing,
Stopped seeing,
But how? Why?
If they are there, why can't I-
Please, no. It can't be.
Not again.
It has left me once more.
Shut me out, knocked me down.
Good bye it said as it swept itself away in the wind.
I can't feel it anymo
:iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 0 1
OC Sailor Scouts :iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 2 2 Goku Jumps In! :iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 0 0
Glass Can Shatter
The girl is walking down the hall. A little taller for her age compared to her friends, only twelve years old. Her dark red hair a mess, freckles splashed against her cheeks, hazel eyes darting up and down the hall. She tries to keep her eyes on the floor, the hall is dark, she has no direction as it is.
Clumsy, running into the wall every now and again, glasses drooping down her nose the longer she looks down. Each time they do, she will push them up quickly. Her hands slip into the pocket of her grey hooded sweatshirt. Her breath is trying to stay under control, but she feels panicked. So lost and wanting out of this hall.
She wonders if her body has just melded in to the shadow, maybe she would disappear as well if the lights turned on.
A door here, a door there. Why are they closed? Afraid to open them, she walks a little faster. Almost passes a door, her body flings slightly as she forces her feet to stop and moves back, one, two, three doors.
Touch the door's warm. Comf
:iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 1 0
Her Agony
Which way does the road lead?
Even when I follow the map, my eyes won't keep focus.
I'm so anxious.
My heart is always wrapped tightly in vines
Constricted and in pain.
The fog is so thick, I can hardly breathe.
Please don't leave me,
Please don't leave...
I don't understand why the shadows are comforting.
The shadows are my home.
They are my sanctuary.
I just want to close my eyes
And slip away
From reality.
Swaying in the colors
Oh the colors...
I forget sometimes, who I am.
I need to,
Into oblivian.
Someone else handle this problem.
My controls.
You can
Have me for a while
I'll come back
When the fog has cleared a little.
When we're finally smiling in unison
If the fog clears
And the lights dim.
God just let the world fall back in to place,
I can't hold this together
Under their scrutiny
Let me
:iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 1 2
Edward Elric Anyone? :iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 0 2 Kuro at Work :iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 0 0
Like Plunging In To Ice Water
I closed my eyes as the world passed me by,
I saw the faces moving gently in the breeze,
Beside me.
Who was it,
Hiding in my dreams?
Was it the one who,
Played on my feelings like strings?
I remember, feeling your breath on my skin.
Seeing the eyes, glowing under the stars.
Now that I've opened my eyes
To see what has changed,
Around me...
I'm not even sure if I recognize my surroundings.
So where am I?
Where have they gone?
What is this place that I hold
And all the change I endure?
My life has led me to this place.
To this path.
To these...
:iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 1 0
Fun Photo :iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 1 5 Mike Zombie Attacks :iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 0 4
Donny and Amberle
Donny splashed his face with water, running his wet hands through his dirty blonde hair.  Cool blue eyes traveled up to the mirror in front of him as a grin trickled on to his lips. The sound of fans cheering bled into his ears.
"Donny~" A soothing voice came from behind him, that voice saying his name made his ears just tingle with pleasure. He took a glance over his shoulder in the reflection, and spotted the familiar silvery snow colored hair belonging to his girl. Donny crossed his arms behind his back, "Amberle~" He answered imitating her 'cutesy' tone that he adored.
Amberle's arms slipped through Donny's wrapping around his midsection. In turn his arms went partially around her slim waist, "Hey, don't you make fun of me." the young girls voice held a tone of entertainment, "Are you ready to go on?"
Turning to face her, Donny put on a smug expression, "Well of course, the fans demand it." The rock star attitude just suited him. Otherwise he would just be the everyday pu
:iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 0 2
Cosplay Costume :iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 3 14 Got a little Captain in me :iconkuro-ookami-bg:Kuro-Ookami-BG 1 0


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United States
I like to go by a few nicknames on the net, usually Nienna or Kuro. I don't have a lot to say. I felt this section needed to be updated because since I made my deviant art I changed a lot. The bio didn't even remotely fit who I am now :) so time for change. Wanna know about me? Check my gallery or send me a message.

Current Residence: Bay City, MI
Favourite genre of music: I don't have a particular favorite but I've been listening to a lot of Irish traditional.
Operating System: Windows.
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Personal Quote: I can't change the pain and problems in my past, but I can build in the present to make my future more stable.
  • Listening to: --
  • Reading: The Bastard by John Jakes
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
  • Playing: Fable 3
  • Eating: --
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew Livewire
Okay, I'm here again.

Just popping back on to say hi.

I've had my own apartment since around the end of January, it's nice. I have a roommate who is pretty awesome. We've been friends since High School. Things seem to be working out okay.

First off, still single as ever. Feels right though. Kind of trying to find my way right now, which is hard to do throwing relationships and crap in to the mix. So none of that. I need to figure myself out first and learn to stop hating myself.

Moving on,

I've gotten my hair cut short again, shorter than before. I like it. I just have been getting a little frustrated lately. Everyone keeps mentioning how I 'look like a boy' and my hair 'looked better long' and to be honest, thank you for stating your opinion. I'm okay with that. But what I don't like is how everyone says 'Your hair looks like a boy...' in a way that makes it sound like a bad thing.

I'm sorry, because I have a vagina, I have to wear my hair a specific way that looks more feminine? Is that it? Because that's bullshit. If I want a boy hair cut, and if I style it like a boy, why does it matter? Why is my gender so important to you as it relates to my hair, how I dress, or how I look at all?

I dunno, it's been bothering me a lot. People telling me I need to grow it back out because it's so pretty and what not. Yes it was pretty. Yes I liked my long hair. But it isn't what I want. So, if you like my hair or not, I don't care. It's fine if you don't. But kindly step the fuck off. If I want my hair short and styled the easiest way I can style it, then I'm going to.

Anyhow, hope you're all doing well!



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